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Travel Essentials For UTV Trail Riding

If you’re reading this article, there is a good chance you’re new to a new UTV owner and new to the trail riding world. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, being overly prepared is never a bad thing. And, if you’re planning on riding for more than a couple of hours, you should be prepared for bad weather, a breakdown, flat tire, or whatever else Mother Nature throws at you. Rather than let some of those annoying nuances ruin your day, there are some trail riding essentials that will leave you looking and feeling more like a professional.

Below, we’ve supplied a list of trail riding accessories that our WORHEAD loyalists can’t do without.

Flashlight: A lantern or a flashlight can be a great tool and not just for trying to perform maintenance in the dark. It always feels like one of those accessories you only need when you don’t have it.

Powerful pocket flashlight.

Extra Fuel: There are many trails around the country where you might not encounter a gas station for 30 miles or more. And, just about the time you’re running empty and pull up to a station at 9:05 pm only to find it’s closed. These things happen all too frequently. Carrying just a gallon or two of gas could save the day.

Work Gloves: They can be used for driving, maintenance, picking up unpleasant things, or just keep your hands clean and protected.

Work Gloves great for performing UTV maintenance.

Snacks: If you’re going out on the trails for a significant amount of time, it’s important to pack some nutritious snacks. You may not realize it but when riding your body and its muscles are working hard. Fueling up with the right food can help you stay alert and comfortable.

Granola bars, nuts, beef jerky, protein bars, dehydrated fruits, apples, and bananas are popular with WORHEAD enthusiasts.

Water: Just like staying fueled up with the right foods, staying hydrated is just as important. Even when it’s not hot out, it’s important to have a healthy intake of fluid every hour.

Tire Plug Kit: Believe it or not, a flat tire doesn’t have to ruin your day. Most flats can be fixed with a tire plug kit. With the use of a couple of hand tools, some rubber cement, and In about 10 minutes any nube can be ready to hit the trails again.

Always be prepared for a flat tire with a repair kit.

Inflator Device: A tire plug kit seems like a great idea but it’s not much help if you can’t inflate the tire which is when an electric inflator feels like your guardian angel. They are now more compact and lightweight than ever. And good news, they are pretty inexpensive.

Handheld air compressor for fixing flat tires.

Jump Starter: Also known as a Starter Box, Battery Booster, or a Portable Power Bank. In some cases, they’re small enough to fit into a jacket pocket. Some of the premium models have enough power to fire up a whole fleet of UTV’s. Most of these are designed with a flashlight and a USB port to charge your cell phone.

Portable power pack jump starter

Tow Strap: When all else fails, the tow strap is your last resort and all too often needed. It can be the difference between leaving a broken-down machine and getting it back to the trailer.

You never know what you’ll need to pull back to camp.

Wet wipes: Kids or no kids, wet wipes are a welcomed convenience. Let’s face it, nobody likes dirty or sticky hands. They can also be used to clean your windshield or any number of things that get muddy on the trail. They can typically be picked up for $1 per pack at any convenience store.

Like many of the tools listed above, these devices can not only save your day but could also save someone else’s who you are riding with or who you might encounter on the trail

Honorable Mentions:
Pocket Knife: Like most outdoor enthusiasts you already have one in your vehicle or in your pocket. They come in handy on the trails and for so many reasons. In many cases, $20 – $30 can get you a sharp, decent and compact knife you’ll have for years to come.

First Aid Kit: We hope you’ll never need one. However, it’s more probable than not you’re going to need a band-aid, maybe some ibuprofen, or even some Benadryl. Pro Tip: Don’t forget that many of these things have expiration dates so it’s wise to inspect and re-stock your first aid kit once or twice a year.

Toilet Paper: It can also double as facial tissue. But you might need a roll for obvious reasons…… need I say more?

Insect Repellent: In 3 of the 4 annual seasons, you’re bound to come across mosquitos and other annoying insects. Even if you have a closed cabin UTV, it’s likely you’ll need some repellent at some point.

I’m guessing that you’re reading this and saying “hey, what about…..” If so, we want to hear from you. Is there something on the list we missed or something you’ve found to be essential on your recent excursions? If so, put it in the comment section below.

Happy riding!